Dimensions: OPHAV 01: H 30 x W 19 x D 21 in /
02: H 30 x W 19 x D 21 in /
03: H 30 x W 23 x D 21 in
Material: Seat in molded plywood,
tube base in powder coated steel.
Weight: OPHAV 01: 9,7 lb / 02: 9,5 lb / 03: 10,4 lb

Download press material here

Nikolaj Steenfatt
+45 60159940

OPHAV is a family of chairs based on molded plywood. The collection consists of three dining chairs—two side chairs and an armchair. The word "ophav" means origin in Danish. All molded shells in the collection comes from the same mould, and that’s also where the name is taken from. By cutting different outlines out of the same starting point, you get different chairs, which on one hand all look different, on the other hand, all have some similarities. Like a family united by the same heritage. The different shells can all use the same base, the same upholstery seating pad and can be stacked across the different versions.