Name: Hello
Dimensions: H 30 x W 67 x D 24,5 in
Weight: 52 lb

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Gudmundur Ludvik
+45 26 27 74 72

We need to talk. Now more than ever. Division and polarized views on the world we live in is becoming increasingly predominant nurtured by social media and the general news feed.

When we meet in person and allow ourselves the time to talk and maybe most importantly listen to each other, we experience a more unfiltered and nuanced reality. It is easier to see how many things we have in common. That we are not opposites, but human beings with much the same basic needs, fears and dreams.

A bench creates a space for interaction between people. When sitting on a bench, you are aware of entering a sphere shared with/by other people. In some cases with the intent to enter an intimate conversation with friends or family, in others you might end up sharing your sphere with a complete stranger. In either case you are united by (the space of) the bench.

The Hello bench is my approach to uniting people and offers a space for comfortable moments and social connectivity.

It is designed with sustainability as a guideline both socially and in terms of climate. It aims towards treating resources responsibly and making the most of what we have, allowing the wood to play the lead both in terms of aesthetics and construction. With this bench I explore the qualities of the material and the balance between simplicity and exclusivity, be it indoor or outdoor.

The proportions of the individual parts are defined by standard milling dimensions and therefor adapted to industrial production. It is a modular construction consisting of four parts that can be flat-packed to minimize carbon footprint.

So, let’s talk…