Name: Train
Dimensions: Unfolded H 32 x W 17,7 x D 23,6 in 
Folded H 34 x W 17,7 x D 9,5 in 
Material: Frame in solid oak, seat is injection moulded plastic
Weight: 8,4 lb

Download press material here

Thomas Albertsen
+45 22339591

The Train children high chair is optimized for restaurant use.

The concept is developed to make the high chair be more a part of the restaurant interior. It is made with the same weight on expression as chairs for adults, but at the same time it fills the functions that a high chair in a restaurant needs to have.   

I have put a lot of focus into not only comfort, but also storing the chair and the trip the chair has to make again again to and from the table. So the chair folds, but it does it in a very easy way, with very few moving parts. And it stores in a train-set kind of way when one fits into the next. So one takes up a footprint of 17,7 x 9,5 inches when folded, and the next one only takes up 4 inches more so a footprint of 17,7 x 13,5 inches. 

And since they don’t stack in the regular fashion, there’s no lifting one out of the other, which can be a space consuming maneuver.