The Colleague

Name: The Colleague
Dimensions: H 31,5 x W 26,3 x D 18,5
Material: Ash, birch plywood, red satin wood oil
Weight: 165,78 oz

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​Alvilde Holm
+45 60769604

Denmark has a big tradition for associations, and DDM is one of them. Working as a freelance designer often means working alone, but as a member of DDM you get to meet colleagues and participate in a professional association. The Colleague is a tribute to the idea of being part of something bigger than yourself and an attempt to embody it in a chair.

The Colleague is a stacking and linking chair for the conference or meeting room. The chair is easily arranged in rows, without any need of extra devices, thanks to the slit in the back. When used as a single chair it is clearly missing something and the slit indicates that it is first fully completed when connected to its “colleagues”. When connected the chairs simulates a row of people standing hand in hand or shoulder by shoulder and thereby the strength of being in union.