Prayers for the Earth

Name: Prayers for the Earth
Dimensions: 60x400 inches fabric
Material: 100% cotton jacquard woven fabric
Weight: approximately 10 lb

Download press material here

Evalou Hauge
+45 20788612

I have created a cotton tablecloth in the classic jacquard fabric. The idea of the tablecloth is to invite humankind from all religions, countries, eating preferences etc. to sit and eat together.

I have written to friends all over the Earth from Hawaii to China, India, Nepal, Africa, America, Japan, Pakistan, The United Arab Emirates and Europe to interview them about which meals and meal-prayers (Grace) are most famous and appreciated in their religion/country/culture.

They told me that the ingredient varied from palm leaves, to all kinds of exotic vegetables and fruits, to wine and honey and wild boar and fish. But the meal-prayers had many similarities and they all had the common goal of thanking the ones that had harvested the crops, thanking the crops/animals giving themselves to us, thanking the Earth and promising not to take more of the resources than we need. "Itadakimasu" is an essential phrase in the Japanese meal time vocabulary which can be translated as "Humbly I receive”, and it became a key phrase in this project. And in all the meal-prayers from around the world I found an ancient message to the modern world about not to overconsume the Earth's resources and taking good care of animals as well as plants and all human friends… even if I am a little different!