Name: Konstantin
Size: H 32.28 x W 9.72 x D 21.30 in
Material / Technique: Solid wood – prototype in oak
Weight: 6,5 kg 14.3 pound

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Anders Engholm & Sarah Cramer
+45 28438359

A humble chair with a strong character. 

The ambition was to design a notable chair. A chair who blends in yet stands out by its strong character. Strength and power versus softness and humility. Combining these two strong contradictions have been our aesthetic goal and inspiration for the chair. The challenge has been to create a sculptural chair where functionality is still paramount.

The chair is made of solid wooden elements.
A heavy geometric base with sharp inside edges and rounded outside edges complimented by a light and soft seat and backrest witch create contrast and lightness to the characteristic chair.

Konstantin is a small, functional and sculptural dining chair. It attracts attention, creating contrast to the rest of the interior, in its own including and humble way.