Name: Candy
Dimensions: (Candy Bar) H 29,5 x W 47,2 x D 23,6 in / (Candy Top) H 17,7  Ø 19,6 in
Material: wood and upholstered seats, upholstered back cushion, wooden joints, table and metal wired base
Weight: (Candy Bar) 92,5 lb / (Candy Top) 35 lb

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Tine Mouritsen
+45 20230574


Candy is a series of small upholstered break out furniture objects for an activity based office spaces. A combination of smaller stools and benches.

A furniture which will enhance conversation, spark social interactions and break up the traditional work station areas. A flexible seat – circular shaped, inviting and can be an all-round pause during a busy work day. A playful and colourful piece that impact your emotions positively and might bring a smile. 

The idea was to make an object which was accessible from multiple direction with a base which is light, transparent. We chose a metal wire construction to create an almost ‘floating’ expression. Spark conversation and unify people. Sit both ways… we wanted to challenge the look of office furniture and create a tactile and fun piece.