Parley Chair

Name: Parley Chair
Size: H 33.46 x W 23 x D 21.26 inches
Material: Polished die-cast aluminium with
heat contracted textile membrane
Estimated production weight: 272 oz

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Antonio Scaffidi
+45 2728 4605

We meet and talk. And sometimes this simple act of gathering can solve so many problems. The Parley chair's humble purpose is to serve “in-union” by providing a sensation of being well-seated at the table.

This project investigates the possibilities of designing a task chair based on aluminium as the dominant material. The alloy metal forms a durable, long-lasting frame structure, which suspends a carrying textile membrane – a contrast of rigidity and tactile softness.

Reflecting on the process of designing the Parley chair, I found value in a material, that can be shaped; a material of elegance and great precision. Also, a material with a sustainable aspect, as scrap aluminium only needs 5% of recycling energy to be re-born into a beautiful, long lasting chair.