Face Lamp

Name: Face lamp
Dimensions: H 12.73 x W 10.65 x D 11.07 in
Material: Brazed steel, wood, LED
Weight: 6.6 pound

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Face Lamp is a table lamp suited for dining areas, a lobby, or the living room. It gives an indirect warm, atmospheric light and is dimmable through a small knob on the front of the lamp.

Clear lines, yet asymmetric, the lamp has a distinct, sculptural look with a close visual resemblance to a small house.

The inspiration for this project has its roots in our background as architects. A lot of the architectural work is looking at plans, elevations and within a fixed footprint manipulating the building blocks within, into a certain manner that is framing and telling a story more or less of the life within. We wanted to use this approach when giving shape to this lamp that can be perceived as both functional and sculptural. When looking at a house facade you see a face - hence the name Face Lamp.

Face Lamp is exhibited in a version with four colors - white, terracotta, blue and red and is visualized in other colorways at the fair.

It comes with a cord but is also planned to be made in a rechargeable version.