The Chicago Chair

Name: The Chicago Chair
Dimensions: H 33 x W 27,5 x D 29,5
Material: Walnut, natural leather, fibreglass,
foam and copper
Weight: 350 oz

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Jonas Lyndby Jensen
​​​​​​​+45 28 12 50 99

Inspired by the ‘Great Danes’ of the Mid-Century Golden Age of furniture design, my hope for this piece was to try and craft a chair based on good craftsmanship and attention to detail. Using often an organic idiom, I have for many years been working on perfecting multiple curvature forms and experimenting with material and shape in various combinations.

With this easy chair I wanted to combine the classic cabinetmakers furniture with shapes and references from the nature, a soothing and gentle immersion you can rest in for a while. Like sitting on a sand dune.

The cabinetmakers furniture stands for me as a lifetime investment and is, in my belief, a good complement to products in sustainable materials to the consumption-and-throw-away culture.

My works typically have a starting point and inspiration in classic Scandinavian forms and constructions, but with a contemporary twist.

Great Danish furniture architects have had success in the U.S. With this chair, I want to develop the tradition of the classic cabinetmakers furniture and say: "The Danes are back"!