Name: Positions
Dimensions: Lounge chair: H 46.5 x W 30 x D 28.3 in /
Ottoman: H 21.7 x W 26.8 x D 15.7 in
Material: Ash with Pigmented Linseed Oil
Waterlily™ visco-elastic foam, Uniform Melange knitted textile from Kvadrat, Spin mesh from Gabriel

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Bly Studio, Eva Fly & Anne Brandhøj
+45 24915433


Positions is a new ergonomic take on office furniture consisting of a lounge chair and an ottoman. With this design, we want to take on a growing problem in traditional office landscapes, which rarely offer variable working positions. 44% of working Danes sit still six hours or more during a work day, even though the human body is not built for prolonged sedentary work1. Therefore it is important to change position as much as possible. However, these recommendations are difficult to follow, as an increasing number of work tasks are digital, thus tying the employee to the computer and the desk.

Our design makes it possible to work with your laptop in a reclined sitting position with elevated legs and neck support. The ottoman raises your legs to an angle where you can sit comfortably with a laptop on your lap. By elevating the legs and sitting in a position, where the angle of the hip is more open, many health benefits are achieved, e.g. increased blood circulation and improved digestion.

The design is part of a lounge furniture family that can facilitate alternative work situations in office environments. The chair has a visible wooden construction and removable upholstery, which makes it possible to change the textile according to needs. This ensures the furniture a longer lifetime in environments where there may be high replacement due to wear and changing trends.