Atrium Chair

Name: Atrium Chair
Dimensions: H 33,86 x W 17,72 x D 20,87 inches
Material: Steam bent Ashwood and aniline leather
Weight: 11,5 lb

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Isabel Ahm
+45 60 63 37 17​

Signe Ø. Lund
OE Lund
+45 41425748
Instagram: oe.lund

Atrium is a stackable chair inspired by the vaulted arches known from Ancient Roman architecture. An atrium is an open-air space often framed or surrounded by a vaulted arcade

The Atrium Chair creates coherence when lots of chairs stand side by side. The arched back form a wavy landscape that is welcoming and embracing, creating rhythm and unity. A wave of chairs.

The chair is design to provide good seating comfort, having both seat and back upholstered. The foam is certified and covered with aniline leather on top, which will patinate and age differently over time. Leaving each chair with its own individual appearance, to stand out in the masses. Both seat and back can easily be disassembled for reupholstery, which is relevant to secure the longest lifetime possible for the chair. The chair is designed for bigger gatherings such as conferences and banquets, where lots of chairs are set up and arranged, for then again to be stored away. The chair being stackable makes this process easier and help minimize space when stored and CO2 during shipping.

Atrium is made from steam bent Ashwood; one continuous piece of wood shapes the backrest from toe to toe. Making the construction sound and solid. The legs have a quarter radius on the outside making the meeting between chair and human body friendly and welcoming. The use of wood underlines the hospitable qualities of the chair, being a warm and smooth material.